Top Shelf Primium Spirit Line for your Bar or Restaraunt

Rainforest Spirits Complete Spirit Line

rainforest spirits premium line

Rainforest Spirits is a complete spirit line, giving restaurants, bars and nightclubs top shelf spirit quality and exceptional savings. Our eco-friendly line gives these establishment competitive pricing with added stocking and inventory services. A sales representative is responsible for delivering and stocking your inventory.
Rainforest Spirit Labels

Bottle Decoration

Each bottle in our beautifully decorated line is color coded for easy spirit identification in your well, giving you bartenders increased efficiency during peak hours. The “neck-grip” bottle adds convenience when making a quick pour.

Rainforest Spirits poster

On Premise Marketing

Your Rainforest Spirits accounts will be supplied with the on-premise marketing materials needed to promote the brand to their patrons letting them know that they are drinking a higher grade of spirit in their favorite cocktails. See complete POS here.

Prestige Imports Eco Friendly Seal

Going Green!

Rainforest Spirits is a Prestige Imports Eco-Spirit. Accounts that are considered to be more “environmentally conscious” will be excited to know that they will be saving the rainforest with each drink from the Rainforest Spirits line poured.