Private Label Your Own Spirit or Beverage Line

Private label products from Prestige Imports LLC, and easily create your very own line of alcoholic or non-alcoholic product portfolio. Choose from alcoholic beverages such as spirits, cordials, liqueurs, beers, wines. Non-alcoholic beverages such as sports nutritionals, energy drinks, juices, waters, functional shots, energy shots, waters, teas and sodas are available as well. Our in-house design team can quickly turn around a private label design and packaging to meet the standards of the product you wish to take to market.
private label spirits

Private label a variety of individual spirits.

Private Label Spirits

If you are looking to create an individual spirit private label, we can guide you along the process, from label design, government compliance, TTB approval and spirit selection. Our distillery has been making high quality spirits for over 70 years that allows for flexibility to design a product fit for any market.

private label beer

Choose from beer and malt liquor private label options.

Private Label Your Own Beer Brand

Choose from American brewed beer or malt liquor and create a private label to take to market.

private label spirit line

Private Label a complete spirit line including 750ML and 1.75L bottles.

Private Label a Complete Spirit Line

We also offer a complete high quality and low cost spirit line perfect for any account to private label and sell to any bar, restaurant, nightclub or off premise account.

  • Whiskey (American Blend)
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Rum Light (
  • Rum Dark
  • Spiced Rum
  • Tequila Light
  • Tequila Dark
  • Scotch
  • Bourbon
  • Triple Sec
  • Long Island Iced Tea Mix
private label water

Water for private label

Private Label Water

Consider water filtration when designing your private label water. Different levels of filtration reflect different water particulate matter qualities. The more filters, the lower the particulates. Prestige Imports can help you find the right water bottling facility for your project.

private label energy shot

Energy shots of all sizes can be private labeled.

Private Label Energy Shots

Our energy shot formula is the most high-quality drink on the market today. You can private label and even ad or remove ingredients in order to meet the objectives of your target demographic. If special ingredients or flavors are required, we can adjust our formula to make it your own. In addition to designing a private label and guiding you the any government regulations, you can easily obtain your own product to go to market with.

private label enhancement shots

Specific formulas for male and female enhancement

Private Label Sexual Enhancement Shots

Functional beverages are at an all time high in sales and popularity. Leading the way are shots focused on relaxation. We have developed safe and effective functional shots geared at increasing the sexual experience in men and women. While label male and female enhancement shots and enter this growing market.

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