Introducing Zee Wines

Zee WinesZee wines are produced by Anura Vineyards. Anura is situated between Paarl and Stellenbosch in the foothills of the Simonsberg mountain range. Anura has been in the Bouma family since 1990 and with their passion for perfection, Anura produces award winning wines.

The Bouma family purchased the estate in 1989. For 10 years Tymen developed the farm from the original 2 blocks of vineyards into 120 hectares of vines, with a production potential of 800 tons. Until, Anura’s first own vintage in 2001, all grapes were sold to neighboring estates.

Anura produces, Anura, the ultra-premium label, meaning “Frog”, Frog Hill, a high quality second tier label, named after the historic “Padda Bult” found on the farm and ZEE wines, great wines at affordable pricing, designed solely for the US market.

The aim is to create wines which consistently reflect their origin and the unique characteristics of Anura, its terroir and its people. Tymen believes that long term success is only possible if you create wines which are as individualistic as the people you make them for. Anura Vineyards is a “fair Trade” estate winery.

In the vineyards, Tymen strives to match each varietal with the vineyard practices that best suit that particular varietal, including specific canopy management, controlling the yield, trellising the vines or leaving them to grow as bushes and irrigation control.

Our grapes are harvested by hand at optimum ripeness. They are hand-sorted to ensure that only the best bunches are brought to the crushing phase. Careful attention is paid to each lot of grapes, based not only on the cultivar but also on the particular block concerned. Based on this, our cellar team decides on the type of crushing, yeast type, fermentation method and temperature, type of wood for fermentation and aging as well as filtration method and a host of other factors in order to ensure that the character of each lot of grapes is carried through to the bottle.

At Anura, our aim is to produce wines of individual character which combine the robust fruit of the New World with the elegance and complexity of the Old World. With each passing harvest we learn more about our soils and vineyards and refine our vineyard and cellar practices in order to achieve our best style of wine for you the consumer.

“We believe if we look after nature, it will look after us”

Zee Wines – Quality & Value